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Solution to CGWA Complience

Extreme use of groundwater reserves can have serious concerns for future need of water, making CGWA implement new guidelines on groundwater extraction. To meet the standard of compliances it’s important to understand

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Purpose & Significance of Flow Measurement

The measurement of flow rate, temperature, pressure, level, etc. is the same as thermal measurement, which is one of the important measurement parameters in industrial and agricultural production process control.

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IOT based flowmeter developed by Flowtech

The R&D team of Flowtech has developed a state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Flowmeter or Mag meters that are IoT driven, providing real data driven analysis. It is the practise of Flowtech as a firm to constantly improve.

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UP JAL NIGAM Certificate

Flowtech Measuring Instruments is a renowned supplier of Flow Meters like Electro Magnetic Flow Meter, Water Flow Meter, Fuel Flow Meter, and Turbine Flow Meter under the approval of UP JAL NIGAM.

IBR-1950 Certificate

Flowtech Measuring Instruments Approved under IBR For Reflex and Transparent Level Gauges under inspection of IBR-1950.

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