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Electromagnetic Flowmeter IoT Based

The R&D team of Flowtech has developed a state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Flowmeter or Mag meters that are IoT driven, providing real data driven analysis. It is the practise of Flowtech as a firm to constantly improve its product and provide quality assurance services to our clients.

The Flowtech IoT Gateway is designed as an independent IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway for cloud based applications while keeping in mind the varied industrial requirements. This is a very cost effective solution and can easily be customized to suit a range of Industry 4.0 applications. This application is driven by Internet Connectivity via GPRS / 4G / Wi-fi / Ethernet.

As per our latest technological development, the IoT based Flow Meters are built in compliance with the latest CGWA guidelines. As Gazette of India dated 24 September 2020 mandates all industries to have a telemetry system for groundwater monitoring, you must take required steps to comply with the new regulations and Flowtech has always strived to make the best qualities of flow meters as we believe in engineering for reliability

Features of Flowtech Designed IoT Flowmeters:

# Name Discription
1 3600Degree monitoring 24*7 near real-time monitoring of Flow and Level data
2 Trend monitoring Analyse and compare water consumption and level trends of multiple borewells
3 MIS Reports Generate automated daily/monthly reports for internal use or sharing purpose
4 Alert and Notification Generate alert levels if water consumption or level trends exceed the permissible limits
5 Centralised Monitoring A single platform to monitor all your borewells across different plants
6 Multi-Hierarchy system Get curated user accounts (for central team, plant team etc.) to share data digitally