Float & Board Type

Float & Board Type Level Indicator

Suitable for tall and overhead tanks of non pressurised and non hazardous Chemical storage Tanks.

  • Reliable for aggressive, combustible,toxic, high pressure and high temperature (upto 150˚C) liquid storage tanks
  • Suitable for Ethylene, Benzene, Toluene, Alcohols, Acids, Alkalies, Liquified gases like NH3, Cl2, LPG, PCl3, SO3 and poisonous / toxic liquid like DMA, TEA etc
  • A large Self Centered Float follows the liquid level in this gauge. A rope fitted with a float moves over a pair of dust free pulleys. Level is indicated by a Pointer which moves on a 150 mm width Aluminium Powder Coated Scale
  • Mainly used for storage tanks of Oil, Fire / DM Water, Alkalies, Acids, Furnace Oils, Lube Oil, Vegetable Oil, Molasses, Glucose etc
  • Vapour Seals (Magnetic) for special applications like HCl, N2 purged tank, diluted alkalies, dilute HNO3, NH3, Methanol, Benzene, Toluene, IPA etc
  • In vapour seal there is sealing liquids so we get absolute vapour tightness
  • Available in completely polypropylene material for diluted acid storage tank