Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex / Transparent Level Gauge (ibr Gauges)

Designed for high pressure & temperature liquid storage tanks in Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals & Chemical industries.

  • In reflex level guage, the glass has precision groves cut inner side and mainly used for colourless liquids
  • In transparent level gauge, the glasses are without groves and arranged at the front and rear of a slotted liquid chamber and mainly used for coloured liquids
  • Designed upto 100 bar & temperature maximum 400C˚
  • Jacketed for special application
  • Available in MS/SS-304/SS-316/PP/MS with FEP/PFA lined
  • Mainly used for ammonia, solvent solution
  • Max. 3000 mm length in single piece
  • Imported/Indigenous glasses on request
  • Frost free arrangement on request
  • Available in IBR also