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Utilized widely to gauge volumetric flowrates of electrically conductive fluids or slurries, electromagnetic flowmeters offer support free capacity because of the absence of any moving parts. The way that these meters have no check to stream as tests or turbines guarantees no weight drops crosswise over meter. By utilizing Faraday’s laws of attractive acceptance, the meter can quantify the emf delivered when conductive fluid courses through the meter-made attractive field.

Flow Meter Manufacturers Supplier, Exporter, Trader

Flow Meters:

We are specialized in manufacturing, importing, exporting and supplying a broad collection of Flow Meter. This  flow meter is manufactured from high grade as per the set market norms. The offered flow meter is accessible in different models, sizes and stipulation to meet the various requirements of the customers. In addition to this, our professionals are capable to modified this  flow meter within the minimum time – frame & at affordable rates.

  • Flowtech Instruments is a solution provider of Flow Measuring instruments based on various principals to meet the application requirements of process plants, briefly summarized below.


Flow Measuring Sensors :

  • Besides, we also offer a wide primary Flow measuring Sensors like Orifice, Flow Nozzles, Venturi Tubes, Cone Flow Meters and Pitot tubes.

What type of flow meter is best?

There are no “universal” flow meters which are suitable for all applications. Selecting the proper technology for your application requires writing a flow specification which covers the use of the meter. There are usually trade-offs with each meter type, so knowing the critical specifications will be important.

Things you must know:

  • What is the Gas or Liquid being measured?
  • Minimum and maximum flow rates.
  • What are the accuracy requirements?
  • The fluid temperature and viscosity.
  • Fluid compatibility with the materials of construction (See our materials compatibility guide)
  • The maximum pressure at the location.
  • What pressure drop is allowable?
  • Is the meter mounted in a hazardous location where explosive gases may be present?
  • Is the fluid flow continuous or intermittent?
  • What type of output signal or readout do you need?

Use your collected information to eliminate the technologies that do not apply (ex. Turbines don’t work for viscous fluids, Coriolis meters don’t respond fast enough for injection flow, Positive Displacement meters aren’t economical for large pipe diameters like a 12 inch diameter line). You will then have a comparison of the remaining technologies. Accurate meters are priced based on their capabilities. It is better to locate the type of meter which fits your application before trading features for cost savings. Closely evaluate your extreme conditions, such as low flow rates, high pressure or temperature, or the need to measure over a wide operating range. If these conditions are critical to quality for you, do not use lower priced alternatives applied outside of their capabilities.

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